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1. · El casquillo bimetálico de brida circular completa, es decir, el cojinete deslizante que integra la dirección radial y el empuje, es una de las partes más comunes e importantes de varios molinos.Se utiliza ampliamente en la industria de casquillos de reborde mecánico.

The bushing is manufactured using traditional methods, which is a type that is both labor-intensive and material-consuming. For nearly a century of semi-self-lubricating composite bushings, the industry in various countries has been working hard on how to make flange bushings to save energy and materials. However, the best energy-saving and material-saving policy has never been reached.

In order to overcome the disadvantages of traditional and existing manufacturing skills, we have worked hard for many years of copper-based self-lubricating plates.

En octubre de 2009, utilizamos la última patente China y la tecnología patentada, resumimos el terreno dominante, y finalmente completamos el acabado bimetálico sinterizado.En la producción no mecanizada del perfil de la almohadilla de empuje de la brida circular, la tasa de utilización del acero y el material de aleación de cobre ha alcanzado la política final de ahorro de materiales, con menos equipos de producción, menos tecnología, menos mano de obra y menor costo de producción.,

Se ha logrado un gran avance en la tecnología de corte y producción de un rodamiento deslizante integrado de empuje radial circular.

2. Outstanding features of sintered bimetal full-round flanged bushing profiles
(1) The bimetal thrust bushing profile is a typical non-cutting production, and the utilization rate of copper alloy and steel has reached 100%.
(2) The profile is processed into thrust bushing parts, and only a small amount of machining (such as: chamfering, drilling, milling or pressing oil grooves) can be made into thrust bushing parts for direct installation. Of enterprises bring about material saving, labor saving and benefit.
(3) The steel backing of the flanging ring and the shaft sleeve is a whole structure, there is no safety hazard in operation, there is no seam of the coil, and the structure is intact. It is a product that is reliable in use, saves materials, saves cutting processing, saves equipment, produces high efficiency, and has obvious economic and technical benefits.
(4) The product's wide range of dimensions (ie: wall thickness, flanging, inner and outer diameter, length) is less restricted than traditional production methods.
(5) Profile production technology and supporting equipment are the future development direction of the industry.

3. The products after the data are processed in small quantities are mainly used in
(1) Crawler-type construction machinery such as: excavators, bulldozers, loaders, trenchers, pipelayers, consistent, common, standardized, and vulnerable parts-"roller bushings".
(2) Internal combustion engine: the main bearing on a diesel engine.
(3) Mold manufacturing industry: automobile stamping molds and rubber molds are indispensable accessories.
(4) Parts and accessories used on various general machinery.
(5) The primary technical specifications that the product can refer to are:
1) JB/T 2985—2001 Bimetallic bushings for construction machinery
2) JB/T 9760-1999 internal combustion engine, full circle main bearing, technical conditions